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We NOTARIZE clients document expected to be used within and outside the shores of Federal Republic of Nigeria, (for pilgrimage, tour, holiday, education, business, etc).

As Notary Public we render the following services:

  1. We administer oaths for the giving of evidence.
  2. We do Certification of document.
  3. We note Bills of Exchange.
  4. We obtain an Authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. We prepare Notaries Certificates of Law & Good Standing.
  6. We engage in taking Affidavits, Declarations & Depositions.
  7. We help with verification of Company documents.
  8. We verify identity and/or signature.
  9. We witness execution of local and international documents such as Sale and Purchase Agreements, Transfers of Land, Assignments of Intellectual Property, Powers of Attorney, Deeds, Security Documentation, Mortgages, Company Resolutions, Minutes and Reports.
  10. We also administer Oaths on elected officials before they assume their respective offices.

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